Project Delivery Systems

Complex projects with globally distributed teams demand a unique approach to project delivery that is data-driven, visual and fluid. To enable the better management of technical and organizational complexity, GT works with project owners, design teams and builders to develop custom project delivery systems that streamline the flow of information from conception to execution and operation.

What we do

GT defines, designs and implements comprehensive systems for design & construction management. The GT approach includes:

  • An extensive process of diagnosing client and project objectives, including evaluation of existing state design & construction management practices
  • Process mapping with particular focus on design, handoffs between teams, and the flow of value from conception into built works
  • Systems engineering approach to work structuring and design integration
  • Strategic guidance on use of specifications and contracts for management of digital design deliverables and use of BIM for fabrication, assembly and operation
  • Communications protocols for design documents, submittals and approvals, coordination and quality control procedures
  • Dashboard development to expose critical project insights
  • Technical deployment of BIM, CAD and data management applications

How we help

Working with clients, consultants and supply chains, GT structures team and data organization, key processes and technology platforms to achieve accelerated project schedules, reduced costs and projects of unprecedented ambition. By focusing on the system as a whole, GT is uniquely positioned to help its clients:

  • Better manage globally distributed teams of architects, engineers and builders
  • Improve cost & milestone compliance
  • Deliver exceptional value through successful capital projects

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